How to Choose the Right Nursery Designer for You

28th Sep 2020

The birth of a new baby is often the most precious and exciting moment in a family’s life. Whether you are a new parent or have already had kids, you almost never feel like you’re properly prepared for what is to come. You have to make sure you have all the clothing you need, baby supplies (such as diapers), toys, educational materials, and a place for them to sleep. Building a nursery for your baby can be very fun, and also very stressful, especially if you don’t know everything you need, and how to design a room that can be stimulating for the baby while it’s awake, and soothing for when it sleeps. If you need help with your nursery, you may decide to use the services of a nursery designer, but how do you choose the right one?

Meet with Multiple Designers

Hiring a nursery designer isn’t as simple as just finding one and hiring them on the spot. Like a lot of services, you want to match your personal preferences and sensibilities with the designer that you hire. Different designers have different ways that they approach a nursery design, as well as the costs associated with their services. If you are going to be choosing a nursery designer, then it is in your best interest to meet with multiple designers to ensure you are happy with the person you choose, at least two or three minimum. When meeting, ask to see samples of previous nurseries they have designed, and maybe even get some contact information of previous clients so you can see if previous clients were happy with them.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

Budgeting when you have a new baby coming can be tight for a lot of people, and a nursery designer will understand this. When you have chosen your designer, or even during the process of choosing one, you should let them know your budget; that way, they can choose furniture, decorations, wallpaper and paints, and any other items for the nursery that will stay within your budget. Going over budget can be devastating, so let them know.

Do You Prefer Simple or More Complex?

Remember, a nursery isn’t all about what may or may not stimulate the baby; you also have to go into that room multiple times a day, maybe for hours at a time. Having a nursery that clashes with your personal design preferences can result in a room that you don’t enjoy being in, and you may not use it for all the purposes it’s there for as a result. When checking your nursery designer’s previous designs, imagine yourself being in their designs every day for multiple hours, and if you find that you couldn’t do that, then find another designer.

Room Designed for Multipurpose Use - Ready for Play, and Sleep

When choosing a nursery designer, you want someone who isn’t just designing a room for your baby to sleep in, but also to play in, change diapers in, eat in, and just spend time with you in. That means a good designer will include in their designs, like a diaper changing station, a highchair for eating, and a nice comfortable chair for you to hold your baby in. As well, your nursery should also include lots of storage to keep the room clean after activities.

Choosing a good nursery designer shouldn’t be a daunting task. Find two or three local designers and check them out, see what they offer, and look at their previous designs, but in the end, go with the one that your gut says is the right one for you.