Bringing home your baby is a special time. The turmoil that brought he or she into this world is over and now you're finally ready to settle in with your precious bundle of joy. Long nights await, but a quality crib will eventually help them (and you) sleep longer and in greater comfort. Rooms by ZoyaB offers a fine selection of boutique baby cribs from some of the most well known luxury crib designers in the world, each created to offer you aesthetic bliss to match how you feel inside every time you look into your baby's eyes. Call for a free design consultation.

Your baby is home! This is a very exciting time for your family. But when you bring your little one inside, have you got a plan for where he or she will sleep? Baby is going to sleep a lot, and the crib should be their special place, so they can sleep in comfort. It’s important that you be comfortable as well, and that is why the fancy baby cribs that you find here will help you and your bundle of joy sleep better. When you look to us for designer baby cribs and luxury baby cribs and furniture, you are not just providing baby with a place to sleep, you are creating a place for baby that will fit in and become a part of your home as well.

Why buy designer baby cribs?

Designer baby cribs will fit into your home and become part of your special décor. Your baby deserves a place of beauty and safety. The materials are solid and of top quality craftsmanship, with no harmful paints or lacquers for baby to breathe, and no possibility of anything breaking or being out of place. There are no acrylics in the organic mattresses and no splintering in the wood. You can buy beautiful luxury baby cribs right now that have everything you want and need.

When is the right time to start looking for fancy baby cribs?

You don’t have to wait until baby comes home. You can get ready right now. If you want to bring your baby home in style, start looking for fancy baby cribs as soon as you can. The second trimester should give enough time after the good news and just enough time before baby arrives to start to prepare and to get excited. And yes, while you wait, this is the time to start thinking about decorating the baby’s room to match your home’s decor, so that this space will mesh with the flow of the whole house. Our fancy baby cribs will become the centerpiece of the home.

Luxury baby cribs, or designer baby cribs and furniture were not always so widely available. Today there is more choice in baby furniture, so you can match your décor and create a dreamy room for baby’s first months.

Luxury baby cribs and furniture are worth it

Fancy baby cribs offer your home more than luxury. They offer safety and security that comes from designer baby cribs that are made from the finest materials and with solid craftsmanship that will last and work for all the babies that join your family. You can purchase cribs for upcoming brothers and sisters or for future generations. The best thing about many of the designer baby cribs that we sell is that they are meant to move and grow and change as baby does, so that the crib can be re-used, or adapted to another purpose as the little one gets older.
When you look through the collection of luxury baby cribs that will suit you and your family now and for the upcoming years, check to see that the one you like can be adapted into a toddler bed. Most can, with just a little re-assembly. Some of the fancy baby cribs can become a toddler bed, and also a full bed in later years.

When you talk with us about our designer baby cribs, we will help you to decide which is the best bed for you now. We offer free design consultations to help you plan and furnish your nursery. Whatever you dream for your child’s room, from crib to toys, to bookshelves, we can help you decide. No matter what style of decor you love, there are luxury baby cribs that will fit right in.