Furniture provides a place for us to sit, reflect or store and display things we like to keep close at hand. Aesthetically, it's a reflection of our tastes and preferences. A bed, however, is all this and so much more. It's our respite after a long day, and the bedding chosen to adorn the bed is as important as the the bed itself. Rooms by ZoyaB offers premium luxury baby, children's, teen and adult bedding designed to provide you with luxurious comfort that will make you feel as good as your bed will look. High thread counts, quality raw materials and designer fabrics are all hallmarks of our fantastic selection. Call for free design consultation!

Healthy and active adults can find anywhere from five to eight hours of sleep to be plenty, even after an exhausting day of running around. On the other hand, your baby needs anywhere from 15 to 18 hours of sleep to be healthy. When you sum it all up, that’s a lot of time that your newborn will have to spend tucked into bed.

You want the best for your baby, to pamper your baby, and give him or her the most comfortable surroundings for long, sustained periods of sleep. Caring about quality for baby’s bedding is, naturally, very important to you as a caring and loving parent. Just as the bed in the master bedroom is adorned with high-quality linens, so, too, can your baby rest immersed in a sea of luxury baby bedding.

Luxury Baby Bedding Cribs

Your baby’s nursery should be as ornate and aesthetically-pleasing as any other part of your house. If your bed is a satin-sheeted king-size memory foam pillowtop with a foldback canopy, you want your child’s room to follow the same aesthetic. Bograd Kids offers a selection of premium luxury baby bedding, including custom designs and finishes in a number of sizes and styles to ensure the nursery is as elegantly appointed as the rest of the house. These high-quality bedding solutions for baby are all custom made to order to your standards and specifications, giving your own touch to your baby’s signature bedding.

Custom designed luxury baby bedding cribs by Bograd Kids come with several options. Choose among a number of different soft colors including ivory, tulip, ballet pink, maize, robin’s egg and many more. Consider extra fitted sheets, duvets, and decorative pillows. Equip your baby’s crib with optional toy bags or a diaper stacker for added convenience.

Luxury Baby Bedding Blankets and Sheets

Give your baby the ultimate comfort in luxury baby bedding with high thread count baby blankets by Bograd Kids. These linens are customizable, American made, and are available in multiple colors and embroidery patterns like sheep, floral, and duckling embellishments. A range of colors and styles ensures your little one gets the bedroom of their dreams, while parents are happy knowing the nursery fits the style, theme, and high standards of every other room in the house.

Luxury Baby Bedding Accessories

For that beautiful finishing touch to your baby’s bedding ensemble, Bograd Kids specializes in luxury baby bedding accessories sure to add some standout appeal. Choose from embroidered crib bed sets with custom pillows, bows, and linens with different attractive designs, or accessorize with linen crib bow sets sure to make your child’s bed is as is extra special and perfect.

Wanting to match your baby’s nursery’s theme and color scheme is no problem. Bograd Kids offers a variety of soft color palettes sure to complement your baby’s nursery and fit right into place with your idea for your baby’s surroundings. Every item is made from low or no VOC materials, is checked and doubled checked for quality, and is designed with baby’s utmost safety in mind.

Luxury bedding isn’t just for adults anymore! Bograd Kids’ selection of luxury baby bedding will provide style and comfort to babies who need sleep and sweet dreams the most.