OMI Certified Organic Eco-Wool Moisture Pad



This OMI Eco-Wool Moisture Pad is naturally moisture resistant.  Use it to help protect from soiling due to heavy night sweats, incontinence, or other moisture-related concerns.  

Important: This pad is not waterproof.  If moisture is allowed to remain on the fabric for a period of time it will soak through.  Washing the pad detergent will remove the natural water repellence of the wool.  We recommend it be placed under an OMI Organic Cotton Flannel Mattress Pad that can be washed frequently.  The flannel mattress pad will absorb most of the moisture, and will prevent any dampness from penetrating the mattress.  


Rinse in warm water and air dry. Pressing with a hot iron over a

damp cloth will promote long life. Do not use detergents.