OMI Certified Organic Crib/Bassinet Mattress - Oval

Crib or Bassinet
Natural Rubber


 A new version of our classic GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex crib mattress. We have designed these oval crib and bassinet mattresses to fit popular oval cribs. These mattresses offer firm support and comfort that will last for years.

Crib mattresses don’t come any purer. We use the same organic materials found in our full line of OrganicPedic® mattresses, including our signature OrganicPedic® quilting. Two important criteria of a safe crib mattress are fi t and firmness. Our mattresses are designed to fi t tightly in standard cribs. We use a super-firm 260-coil innerspring for one style and an extra-firm GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex core in the other. Our crib mattresses are built to last and to pass from child to child, with no compromises on the materials or construction. 

  • Oval Crib Oval Crib Mattress: 27"W x 47"L x 3"Thick 
  • Bassinet Mattress: 23"W x 29"L x 2"Thick