Mike Alsation

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Designed in Germany
Lead Time:
10-12 weeks
Cuddly Plush


The Alsatian, better known as the German shepherd, is a brave, noble, and heroic breed. It is also one of the most popular dogs in the United States — ranking second behind only the Labrador Retriever. Mike Alsatian dog is an impressively realistic interpretation of this beloved breed. Meticulous airbrush details give him a lifelike appearance. His alert eyes, black nose, and grey-brown snout make him look like the perfect "guard dog". Mike lays on his belly with his ears perked up. He’s patiently awaiting his journey to a new home — will it be yours? 

  • Material: made of cuddly soft plush stuffed with synthetic filling material
  • Size: 14.56 inches (37 cm)
  • Color: brown/blond
  • Eyes: with safety eyes
  • Ear tag: with stainless steel "Button in Ear"
  • Joints & Pose: none
  • Sound device: none
  • Care: machine washable at 30° C