Face Masks

Take each moment to be a teaching moment for your children. The times we are living in today are a time where one’s own health and social distancing are of importance. How can you say no to your young child who wants to go outside and play with their friends? We are living in a historical time, a time where we can’t be together. A time where everything is closed; from playgrounds to schools. This is the time where we can teach our kids to be responsible starting from a young age. When engaging in public interactions today, we are required to wear a mask. We are now offering limited edition masks for children. Our limited edition face masks are made with two ply designer fabrics, which are prewashed, 100% cotton fabric on the outside and 100% Egyptian cotton fabric on the inside. These limited edition face masks will unfortunately not be restocked once they are sold out. The other face masks we are offering are made with two ply jersey fabric, for your ultimate comfort.